Stretch Marks Removal

Best Stretch Marks Control Treatments in Panipat, Find the Best Stretch Marks Removal Clinics, Doctors and Centers in Panipat City. Check and Compare Stretch Marks Removal Cost, Patient Testimonials. Stretch Marks. Stretch marks start off red in colour, and are lines which distribute over the skin's surface.

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks or striae, as they are called in dermatology, are a form of scarring on the skin with an off-colour hue. They are caused by tearing of the dermis, and over time can diminish but not disappear completely. Stretch marks are the after effect of the fast extending of the skin related with quick development (regular in adolescence) or weight pick up (e.g. pregnancy) that defeats the dermis’ flexibility. In spite of the fact that the skin is generally genuinely versatile, when it’s overstretched, the typical creation of collagen (the real protein that makes up the connective tissue in your skin) is disturbed.

What are the causes?

Despite the fact that stretch marks are for the most part connected with pregnancy and obesity, they can likewise be formed amid quick muscle development. Individuals who are obese frequently have stretch marks. Weight lifters are inclined to getting stretch imprints due to the quick body changes that working out can create. Stretch marks likewise may happen if a man utilizes steroid-containing skin creams or salves, (for example, hydrocortisone) for in excess of half a month, or needs to take high measurements of oral corticosteroids for a considerable length of time or more.

The cause for stretch marks is the hormone – glucocorticoid. It prevents the skin cell fibroblast from producing collagen and elastin which are essential to maintain skin health.

Amongst women 75% and 90% of them have the growth of stretch marks during pregnancy to some degree. The supported hormonal levels because of pregnancy as a rule implies stretch imprints may show up amid the 6th or seventh month.

How do they appear?

They initially show up as reddish lines, yet have a tendency to step by step blur to lighter shading. Stretch marks happen in the lower skin layer – dermis, the centre layer that enables the skin to hold its shape. No stretch imprints will shape insofar as there is bolster inside the dermis. Stretching assumes to a greater extent a part in where the imprints happen and in what heading they run. Be that as it may, stretching alone isn’t the reason.

Stretch marks can show up any place on the body, however are well on the way to show up in places where bigger measures of fat are put stored. Most basic spots are the stomach area (particularly close to the tummy catch), buttocks, upper arms, underarms, thighs (internal and external) and hips.

Are there treatments available?

Despite the availability of numerous skin creams and other cosmetic and skin products to eliminate the stretch marks the truth that lies ahead is that most of them are ineffective and other than that expensive also. And other than that you cannot always try to eliminate these stretch marks without the help of a dermatologist. Daily scrubbing with the help of a brush and gentle and regular peeling can be helpful in keeping the stretch marks in check which may be caused at the time when the skin is stretched at the time of pregnancy or because of the body being overweight. Now, what peeling and washings does is that they increase the circulation of blood in the body and also keep the tissues of the skin elastic. On the other hand, oil massage also performs the same function.

When stretch marks are already clear on the skin, the use of certain substances such as vitamin A can be helpful.

There are medications accessible, especially with lasers, which can help enhance extend marks, nonetheless, no treatment can yet influence a stretch stamp to go the distance back to looking like absolutely typical skin. We can lessen red stretch imprints, reduce white imprints, we can enhance the surface and improve it look, even now and again make it with the goal that you can’t see them effortlessly, yet extend marks are as yet a region where we enhance the issue however don’t evacuate it. There are no ‘flawless’ medications for extend marks.

What is the procedure at our clinic?

MNRF Laser Treatment for White Stretch Marks

For the stretch marks that are white, MNRF is the best option. We play out a progression of medications and can get between 20-40% enhancements in the presence of these stretch marks. By and large we are getting great outcomes with insignificant downtime. Generally parents will need 4-5 treatments with this laser procedure for treating the stretch marks on their body. They can also anticipate their stretch marks to be of improved texture of after their treatment is done. Although it has to be noted that eradication of stretch marks fully is not possible with any of the available techniques now-a-days.


Applying topical such as moisturisers is what one can do during pregnancy or at the time of weight gains so that it can help preventing the stretching of the skin from normal. For curbing the onset of stretch marks topical medicines can be helpful in the first place.

A consultation with our expert dermatologist should be scheduled in order to talk about your typical case and to learn more about the treatment options available.