Scar Removal Treatment

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In the process of skin healing it is actually natural to have scars after the damage. The issue with skin is that it does not always heal in a manner you may desire which may cause scars or marks or also deformations that may vary from long lasting to permanent marks. And it is a very frequent tendency for human to scar after every single injury or harm to the tissues of the skin unless the lesions are minor in whom the healing is faster.

The most well-known scars that individuals generally get treated are the skin break out scars yet that every one of the scars can be dealt with by comparable strategy is a reality relatively few individuals know about.

Types of Scars

Before talking about how to heal the scars let us talk about the various types of scars that a person can have. The objective is very simple it is that the more you are aware of your situation, the better it would be for you to be able to correlate to what your dermatologist may suggest you or may telling you about.

To be precise there are two reasons why the scars are caused i.e. due to either the loss of tissue atrophic situation or by the excess growth of the skin tissues which is called hypertrophic situation. Now, on the basis of these two categories of acne scars there are four sub categories also.

Ice Pick Scars: These are profound narrow scars giving an appearance as though something sharp punctured the skin. They as a rule create after a cystic disease or profound aggravation which works its way to the surface. An atrophic scar, it is set apart by the pulverization of the skin tissue leaving a slim section like scar.

Box Scars: Box scars are generally round vertical side’s depressions. For less demanding creative energy, envision an empty half of the globe put over a barrel shaped container, empty side up. They are more extensive than ice pick scars and give a hollowed appearance to the skin. Another case of atrophic scars, these are shaped when an aggravation obliterates the collagen in the skin tissue. The profundity of the scar shifts in extent to the tissue demolition.

Rolling Scars: Rolling scars which show up as wave like undulations on the skin occurs when sinewy groups of tissue create between the skin and subcutaneous tissue underneath. The groups thus pull the epidermis to the more profound structures of the skin.

Keloid Scars: Kind of a hypertrophic scar, this one is shaped because of overabundance collagen creation. More typical in men when contrasted with ladies, they are all the more normally found in the middle locale.

Heading: Scar Removal Treatment, City: Panipat, Results: ARV Aesthetics Skin and Laser Clinic, Involvements: Acne Scar Removal Treatment Fat Reduction. The best treatment for most patients with acne scarring is the Fractional CO2 laser.

Additionally, it is a natural response to the inflammation caused on account of acne to face discoloration of skin during that stage. Generally it appears as coloured patches varying from pink to red or brown or black depending on the depth of discoloration or the skin tone of the person. Usually in many cases, this discoloration fades with the passage of time, although in some other cases the extra melanin deposition is usually caused behind this discolouration needs to be treated for its removal.

Scar Treatment at Dr. Rini’s Clinic

Apart from only the laser treatment for scars as many people say is the only option that can remove the scars there are other non-laser treatments also that can cure scars. However, the principle more or less remains the same that we need to generate less amount of wounds to be able to make the healing of the skin faster, yet the methods through which these wounds or abrasions get created vary from injury to injury.

Before we finally venture into the domain of Lasers, we will first have a look at some of these Non-Laser treatments.


Peels are generally the easiest and the painless method in case of scar treatment.

Most peels are fruit acid based and work by peeling of the layers of the skin which because of getting healed quickly, mend the adjacent skin as well. The fundamental guideline is that the peeled areas invigorate creation of collagen which in this way tops off the scar pits. The skin for this situation anyway tends to peel off for some time. The quantity of peels required additionally relies upon the power of scars and the affectability of your skin.

Micro needling:

Microneedling works by damaging the skin tissues which starts a cycle of recovery and is a frequently used technique. As it damages the skin tissues it thus builds new collagen which plumps up the skin and takes away wrinkles and fine lines to a large extent. It is performed with the help of a dermaroller or a dermapen.

Radiofrequency Treatment:

For breaking the scar tissue this technique uses radio frequency waves against the usage of laser. This strategy includes beat conveyance to further skin layers keeping in mind the end goal to redesign the collagen. No harm is caused to the upper skin layers and thus the downtime is almost no, if any whatsoever. This procedure can be utilized as an independent or in conjunction with other skin break out scar medicines.

The innate standard behind utilization of Laser scar expulsion is the same as the previously mentioned. The distinction comes in the kind of lasers utilized which at that point relies upon components, for example, the profundity of the scar, skin sort of the patient so on and so forth.

Delving into the points of interest of these Lasers may not be of significance right now since what kind of Laser would suit you will rely upon the force of the scars and in addition affectability of your skin type.

A broader categorisation of Lasers can be done on the basis the level of abrasion that is to be performed.

Ablative lasers, for example, CO2 and Erbium are more obtrusive and work by vaporizing the external layer of the skin.

For Non-ablative lasers, for example, Micro needling Radiofrequency (MNRF) the intrusion is far less and the laser works by warming up the focused on tissue without really crushing it. This animates the body’s collagen generation to fill in the undesirable barely recognizable differences or wrinkles.

For example, if someone has deep pigmentation then Laser is the more reliable of the options. Although, the intensity of the Laser light, the kind of Laser used, all these things would depend on the extent of the condition and the person’s skin type specifically. Likewise, for scars like ice pick which are not very dense, MNRF laser could be utilised as a local application would be sufficient however in case of box scars, ablative lasers would be more appropriate and effective.

Pre Care Instructions for Scar Removal Treatment

  • Avoid Laser treatment on the areas to be treated from 15 days prior to the procedure or as suggested by the doctor
  • Always apply Moisturiser and Sunscreen before going out, the specification for the same should be as prescribed by the doctor
  • Avoid use of warm water on the skin
  • Avoid swimming from 2 days before the procedure is to be done
  • Avoid parlour activities from 5 days prior to the medical procedure such as threading, Bleaching, waxing.
  • Avoid the use of night creams at least 2 days prior the procedure or as instructed by the physician
  • Avoid exercising 1 day before the procedure

Post Care Instructions for Scar Removal Treatment

  • Avoid excessive sweating, swimming, sauna etc 2-5 days post the treatment
  • Avoid parlour activities for 2 weeks post the procedure
  • To see best results please stick to the time duration between 2 sessions as suggested by the doctor.
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting garments for 2-3 days after the laser hair removal treatment is done.
  • If you face any kind of discomfort or uneasiness, itching or erythema on treated areas please consult the clinic as soon as possible and our team will be happy to help you out.
  • Keep your skin hydrated, apply adequate amount of moisturiser to ensure that your skin doesn’t dry up.