Laser Tattoo Removal

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Tattoo removal methods are dime a dozen – but most of them are so painful and ineffective that laser removal replaced them as soon as it became available. These other methods include dermabrasion, which would actually “sand” away the top layer of skin through abrasive friction. Another method is excision, where the tattoo would be cut away and the skin sewn back together. These were all old techniques and thankfully technology had advanced to make life much more easier and happier.

The new-age laser techniques are a ‘class-apart’ in erasing them with little risk of scarring.

The Nd YAG laser emits an intense beam of light to remove the tattoo without harming the healthy skin cells in the vicinity. The laser light breaks the tattoo ink particles into tiny fragments which are then washed out through the body’s natural cleansing mechanism. This causes the tattoo to fade out or be removed. The whole cleansing process generally takes several weeks.

Our laser procedure is done both for –

  • Professional tattoos
  • Home-made tattoos

Our specialised R20 method of laser removal helps in taking 3 sittings in 1 hour and helping tattoo reduction within fewer sittings.

Frequently Asked Questions On Tattoo Treatment

How many sessions will it take to remove my tattoo?

Most professional tattoos take 5-10 sessions while home-made tattoos require 4-6 sessions. Sessions are usually spaced at intervals of 4-8 weeks. The number of treatments depends on a variety of parameters like the ink used, its location, age, etc. After each session, the tattoo keeps fading.

Is the treatment painful?

Minor discomfort may be experienced but that is limited to a mild stinging effect. At Oliva, a topical anesthetic cream that we use at the start of the procedure makes you feel more relaxed. Tattoo removal is not designed to hurt you and we take extra care to make sure you feel relaxed.

Will there be any scarring?

The chance of scarring is minimal with the advanced Q-Switched Nd YAG lasers. People report of either hypo-pigmentation (loss of pigment) or hyper-pigmentation (excess pigment). This depends on the skin type and different skin types respond differently. But this fades overtime, with the original skin tone returning gradually.

Does it remove any type of tattoo?

Laser treatment effectively removes almost all tattoos. Currently, over 100 types of tattoo inks are used with none of them regulated. The results vary depending on the variations in tattoo sizes and the concentration of colors used. Black ink is effectively removed while red, dark blue, pink, and warmer colors respond well. Results with some dyes like white, yellow, orange and green, fluorescent or acrylic dyes are variable.