Laser Hair Removal

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One of the most effective and latest ways to get rid of unwanted hair from any body part, is laser hair reduction. The traditional methods of plucking, shaving, waxing, threading and electrolysis are temporary and sometimes painful. Increasingly, men and women of all ages are turning to a more effective solution offered by lasers hair reduction.

Before you plan for a laser treatment, it is important to know everything about it. Few of the most common questions are answered here.

How does a laser work?

A laser is an intensely concentrated beam of light energy that damages the hair follicle by targeting the melanin in the follicle. Laser hair removal can be used on any part of the body in men and women. Because the laser is responding to pigment, laser hair removal does not work well on light-colored, red, grey or white hair. On average, patients require 3-8 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Often times, patients require maintenance treatments to maintain results.

Who can get laser hair removal done?

Laser hair removal is ideally done above 18 years of age in men and women. Before treatment, a detailed pre-treatment evaluation is done. Any other skin problems or tattoos in the area to be lasered need to be taken into consideration beforehand. A check for hormonal imbalance is done if required and adequate medications may be given along with the laser treatment if there is a documented hormonal problem. All forms of hair removal except shaving/hair removal cream are best avoided in the entire duration of 6-8 months till the laser treatment sessions are completed. Your doctor will give the instructions best suited for you.

During the detailed evaluation prior to the treatment, the area for the hair removal is studied for the colour, texture and thickness of the hair. This helps decide the laser parameters/settings right for you. Thicker the hair, better is the reduction. If you have very fine or grey hair, your doctor will suggest the best way for hair reduction.

What are the side-effects of laser hair removal and is it painful?

Side effects include redness, swelling, and less commonly burns, scabbing and blistering. It really depends on your skin and how it will react to the treatment. Most patients are very comfortable with the treatment. A mild pin prick sensation is normally felt which less than the pain of threading / waxing is. Some doctors also use numbing before the procedure to reduce the discomfort. The newer lasers available cause virtually no pain. Ask your doctor for options available.

Where can I get Laser Hair Removal done?

It is best if you do the treatment from a trained skin specialist only. Check the type of laser the doctor is using too. Lasers are usually done by laser technicians in most clinics but a doctor is required to assess your skin and select the correct settings of the laser.

How long does the procedure take?

Laser hair reduction requires 6-8 sessions at an interval of one to one and a half months usually. The length of each session depends on the area of the body. The upper lip may take 10 minutes whereas legs may take as long as one hour

How much does laser hair reduction cost?

It can cost anywhere between Rs.1000 to Rs.40000 per session depending on the area of the body. Upper-lip will cost around 1000-2000 per sitting. It is better to choose skin specialists only to avoid problems later on.

Are there any specific instructions to follow after the sessions?

The only care that you really need is to protect yourself from the sun. Apply adequate sunscreen prescribed to you by your doctor. You should also refrain from using other hair removal methods in the area in between the sessions

In summer season, the demand for laser hair removal is extremely high is all the cities. It is now easy to get these treatments in Himachal too from the right doctors. An American study done by plastic surgeons proved that 97% of women that have got laser hair reduction are satisfied with the treatment.

At Dr.Rini’s Clinic we do Laser hair removal with the latest USFDA approved Elase technology.

eLase™ with Motif LHR™ is the fastest diode laser platform to deliver safe and effective treatments on the widest variety of skin and hair types. The combination of diode laser and radio frequency is FDA approved elase_Imgfor all skin types and hair colours.

The high frequency and lower energy delivery provides virtually pain free treatments with far shorter treatment times than competitive systems. Motif LHR is powered by elōs™ technology–the first and only technology that uses combined energies to effectively and gently remove hair of many colors and types from all skin tones. elōs is truly the next generation of safe and effective hair removal technology. Achieving beautiful, silky smooth skin is now easier than ever.

  • High frequency, low energy treatments that are pain free (Motif Mode)
  • Minimal downtime, so patients can quickly resume their normal activities
  • Safe and effective for all skin types
  • Contact cooling promotes patient comfort
  • Active Dermal Monitoring™ feature monitors skin impedance
  • Largest treatment spot size in the industry – for treating large areas